MONTHLY – The Book of Assistance by Imam Al-Haddad

Imam Al-Hadah Book of assistance

New Monthly Course 6-8pm on Saturdays starting 4th February 2017. We are starting the blessed text The Book of Assistance by Imam Al-Haddad with Shaykh Amin Buxton as the first instructor.  There is no cost and we plan to have a different teacher for each chapter.

About the Book:

The book has 32 chapters covering topics from Certainty to Divine Love and Contentment.  It is a manual on life and Imam Al-Haddad wrote it at the request of one his brothers in Islam.  He starts each chapter with words such as “you must” and says that he is aiming that at his own self first and foremost, then the brother for who he wrote the book and then for other readers.

This is a book which is taught far and wide, from Malaysia to America and is a book worthy or being read from cover to cover in a continuous fashion.   We hope that attendees will take lessons from this book and propagate them by implementation and education.

Dates : 

  • Saturday 4th February 2017, with Shaykh Amin Buxton (Introduction)
  • Saturday  4th March, with Dr Khuram (On Certainty)
  • Saturday 15th April, with Shaykh Haroon Hanif (On Intention – Part 1)
  • Friday 5th May, with Shaykh Ahmed Saad (On Intention – Part 2)
  • Saturday 8th July, with Imam Khalid Hussain (On Vigilance)
  • Saturday 12th August, with Ustadh Sham Tameez (On the Inner and Outer Self)
  • Friday 20th August, with Shaykh Zubair (On Regular Devotions)
  • Saturday 11th November, with Ustadh Navid Arif (On Reciting the Quran)
  • Friday 19th January 2018, with Shaykh Jamili (On Seeking Knowledge)
  • Friday 16th February, with Shaykh Faid Mohammed (On Remembrance)
  • Friday 20th April, with Ustadh Amjid Mahmood (On Reflection)
  • Friday 24th August, with Ustadh Abaas Yunus (On Following the Book and Sunnah)
  • Saturday 22nd September, with Ustadh Imran Rahim (On Doctrine)
  • Saturday 1st December, with Shaykh Irshad Riyazuddin (On Religious Obligations – Part 1)
  • Saturday 5th January, with Shaykh Azmol Ali (On Religious Obligations – Part 2)
  • Saturday 2nd February, with Ustadh Arslaan Khan (On Cleanliness)
Previous class videos are available here
The class location varies so please contact us for details.

For more information please text or whatsapp 07772254406 for full details and location.

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