[ENDED] THURSDAYS – Science of Hadith : Bayquniyyah

Starting Thursday 5th October 2017 at Coffee Hall mosque. Even if you can’t attend the full 8 week course try to come for the first class. This will give you a brief overview of what a hadith is and the importance of chains of transmission.

During the course we will be going through Matn Al-Bayquniyyah fi Mustalah Al-Hadith. This is an amazing, timeless primer in poetry form which mentions the various classification of hadith. It is a 34 line rhythmic text in the form of poetry which was authored to introduce the hadith sciences to those who do not have prior knowledge of it.

The course will cover the following areas and more:

  • What is Hadith
  • What is Isnad and why is it important
  • Hadith as a primary source of law
  • What makes Hadith sahih (authentic)
  • What makes hadith daeef (weak)
  • Difference between weak and fabricated hadith
  • How hadith are used
  • The main hadith collections
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