Ramadan – The Reminder

Ramadan – The Reminder

On Bank Holiday Monday, 7th May 2018, we were very fortunate to have Shaykh (Dr) Khurram Hassan go over the rulings relating to fasting and the health aspects of fasting over a half-day course.

Despite the fantastic weather (hottest Bank Holiday on record perhaps) there was good attendance.  For those who came, the benefit would have been manifest.  Dr Khurram didn’t just cover the basics of abstaining from food and drink but went into details, the type of details that people often ask and are not normally covered in jummah khutbahs or talks on Ramadan.  To ensure everyone was following, Dr Khurram kept asking for questions after each slide to ensure that the knowledge he was imparting was sinking in.

The aspects of fiqh were from the Quran and Sunnah as understood through the school of Imam Shafi’ and those who followed.  For those new to schools of thoughts and madhabs please click here to read a detailed article by Shaykh Abdul-Hakeem Murad or for those who prefer to watch rather than read, click here to watch a video by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf.

Below are two PDF documents which Dr Khurram went through using the projector.  If any clarification is required on any of the contents please email events@lote-tree.org with the question or send a message to Mohamed on 07772254406.

The Fiqh of Fasting

Click to access The-Fiqh-of-Fasting.pdf


Ramadan and Your Health

Click to access cc4de-ramadan-and-your-health.pdf

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