WEDNESDAYS – Arabic Language Course

Join us for a new Arabic Language Course aimed at adults in Milton Keynes.  The course, which will start on 20th June 2018, is a long-term course aimed at giving you the opportunity to learn, enjoy and broaden your Arabic skills.  These skills are essential in order to have a greater connection to the Quran, Hadith and other major Islamic texts.

Arabic is not only a language but also a gift

Classes will be taught every Wednesday from 6pm-7.30pm by Ustadh Shahzad.  Ustadh Shahzad is well versed in the Arabic language having spent over half a decade studying in Syria.  He has been teaching Arabic in the UK for over a decade and has put a lot of time and effort into constructing a course which will take students from little knowledge of Arabic to be conversant in a short space of time.

Classes will be held at Shenley Brooke End School and the cost is £35 per 8 sessions (2 monthly)There are limited spaces so please contact Ustadh Shahzad on 07703838208 to book your placeRegistration closes on 13th June 2018 – so don’t miss out.

A pdf of the text which will be provided is Al-Arabiyya l’il Nasiheen, but you can purchase the complete book set of 6 volumes for £35.  The core requirement is the ability to read Arabic words.

Included in the price is a homework app which will allow Ustadh Shahzad to follow up on student’s individual progress.

Learning Arabic is easy if you put the work in.  Commitment is the key and before you sign up please ensure you can commit to attending 1 day a week.

For any questions please contact Ustadh Shahzad directly on 07703838208 or email

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