The End is Near

Just as quick as it came it now leaves!

I remember like it was yesterday when a group of us met at Campbell Park to moonsight for the month of Ramadan.  In a few days many people around the world will moonsight for the month Shawwal.

I don’t need to rehearse the virtues of the month of Ramadan and the fear and trepidation with which we anxiously wait the 2nd of Shawwal (I say the 2nd because the 1st is Eid and everyone loves Eid).

The key is to think positively!

What did you achieve this Ramadan?  For some it may be fasting, others it may be praying in the mosque, others it may be giving regular charity, others it may be reading the Quran (Arabic or English), others it may be reflection, for some it may be night prayers (tahajjud), for some it may be spending more time with family, others may have switched off social media/TV etc, others may have stopped bad habits such as smoking; drinking alcohol; backbiting; lying; swearing or stealing, it may be all of these!

Reflect upon what station you may have achieved!

You’ve achieved a great thing, oh son or daughter of Adam – a very great thing.  You spent a month in dedicated worship to the Lord of the Worlds.  My Creator, your Creator, the only One who deserves worship.  You left your desires for His Sake, at His Command and you did it with faith and expecting forgiveness – believe that you were forgiven.

Continuing Ramadan

You can’t continue Ramadan in Shawwal or Dhul Qa’da or Dhul Hijjah or any other month, because Ramadan is special.  The devils are chained, the gates of Heaven are open and the gates of Hell are shut.  What you can do is to improve your year.  Take just one of your many acts of worship and try to continue it.  The Prophet (SAW) narrates to the effect that good actions which are done over a period of time are better than those actions done and left.

Lote Tree in Shawwal and onwards

Alhamdulillah for those women who were reading the Quran we have a weekly Quran, Coffee and Cake club every Monday starting 18th June 2018 from 9.30am-10.30am where Ustadha Sabeena will be at Café W for an informal reading of The Qur’an translated by MAS Abdel Haleem.  Watch this space for further details.

  1. Ustadh Shahzad will be teaching Arabic language every Wednesday starting 20th June 2018 from 6pm-7.30pm at Shenley Brooke End School, click here for details.
  2. Shaykh Ahmed Saad will be teaching Jawharat at-Tawheed (Pearls of Divine Oneness – on Islamic Creed) and Al-Jazariyya’s poem on tajweed (Rules of Quran recitation) on Wednesday’s every fortnight from 25th July 2018 7.30pm-9.30pm.  Watch this space for further details.
  3. Ustadh Mohamed will be looking at the Beautiful Names of Allah and their Meanings every Thursday from 7pm-8pm from 21st June 2018 at Coffee Hall Mosque.
  4. Last but not least Ustadh Reduan will be reading through The Glorious Treasure with reverts every Friday for 5 weeks from 22nd June 2018 6pm-7pm at Coffee Hall Mosque.  The Glorious Treasure covers the individual knowledge required for every Muslim as well as important duah and supplications.  It is a foundational Islamic text.

Don’t forget our regular monthly classes will be continuing on the Book of Assistance with various scholars and teachers as well as our monthly classes with Shaykh Zubair.

For information on any of these exciting classes please contact Mohamed at

Finally, we also have the Lote Tree Traditional Learning Annual BBQ and Family Fun Day at Emberton Country Park on 22nd July 2018 from 2pm-5pm click here and stay tuned for updates.

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