Good Manners on Wayfaring to Allah

Good Manners on Wayfaring to Allah by Imam Al-Haddad
Shayhk Zubair presents a monthly class looking at a traditional text taught to all students in Tarim who aspire to reach Allah.  The book, translated in English as “Good Manners”, discusses the manners recommended of the spiritual wayfarer as he or she takes the path to spiritual felicity.
The text is a manual of the steps to take in your life starting with receiving that “urge” to get closer to Allah, making repentance, guarding your heart, guarding your senses, focussing on Allah, improving your prayer until the final chapter which is about keeping the company of the best of people and the attributes of the Shaykh who helps you on this path.
Imam al-Haddad wrote this as someone who had walked the path and as a means of giving instruction for an associate who asked him for advice on this matter.  This is a tried and tested methodology for us to follow.
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The book can be purchased in a set called Three Treatises: Mutual Reminders, Good Manner, The Aphorisms from any good online retailer.
The classes are held once a month on a Friday from 7.30pm-9.00pm at a private house so please contact us on 07772254406 or for details.  There is usually an opportunity to have tea and snacks after the class with the Shaykh.
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