Class Three – Al-Malik, Al-Quddus and As-Salaam

99 Names of Allah

Al-Malik, Al-Quddus and AS-Salaam


Introductory remark 

These three names come together in Surah al-Hashr and all three indicate to Allah’s transcendence.


The absolute ruler or King – the one who owns everything without being in need of anything. You can only be a king if you have subjects or a kingdom, this doesn’t apply to Allah – who was the King before having created anything.

Saying Ya Malik 90 times regularly gives you control over your lusts and purity of heart and allows one to be free of need.  It gives one majesty as they are conscious of their Lord.

Allah is not asked what He does, but they will be asked.  This is because He is the only true King.

Malik comes from Mulk (dominion) so the Malik is the one who possesses dominion over something.  This is mentioned in a number of surahs.

Malik (King) emphasises authority. Maalik (Owner) and Malik (King) are linked – control and power over something
(owner), King – complete disposal over creation in every way without having any need for them or any need fulfilled through them.

This is one of the most encompassing names of Allah – The King. The King has complete awareness over his dominion and power over it, this is unconditioned for Allah. Our slavehood to Allah is complete. The subjects to a king have rights but we have no rights in front of The King.

This name allows you to have tawakkul because Allah has control over all things. You realise that creation has no power over you, don’t abase yourself to His creation. Allows you to recognise what is yours, is not really yours but you are merely possessing it.

Knowing al-Malik allows you to realise your place in the cosmos, gives you fear and awe. Being shy in front of Allah due to your falling short in completing what you have been commanded to do.


Emphatic form – from Quds (sacredness), Something is sacred because it is pure and clear of all blemishes. Muqaddis – sacred. Sense of transcendence, high and beyond imperfection. Allah is characterised with every characteristic of perfection.

Sense of complete perfection – surah Isra v 111 is an explanation of Al-Quddus.

Allah is exalted beyond exaltation – surah Shura v11 “laysa kamithlihi shay”.

We seek for Allah to purify us from our faults and shortcomings and to remove from us all the qualities that distance us from the divine presence.

Subuhun quddusun – similar in meaning, both of which negate any imperfection. This dhikr perfects any negation on your reputation.

We need to purify ourselves to come into the divine presence – in the dunya this means for salaah especially tahajjud.


The Peace/The Honouring, the greeting of peace is a greeting of honour. The One who is soundly free from all imperfection, Allah is the one who can give safety to his creation (this world or next world). Allahuma anta as-salaam, wa minka salaam…

He is the one who greets the believers in the next world with the greeting of Peace – no worry, no concern, no fear, no distress – it is an honouring. Hence Jannah is called Darusalaam, the abode of peace.

Islam is a source of peace, as all religions were until distorted. This essential message of Islam is now distorted.

Salama is when things are balanced – state of peace at rest.

If they turn to Allah, He gives them peace from the fire.

Salaam is also safety and for this life we need safety from sins. By saying Ya Salaam you are accepting the decree of Allah – bring peace to your heart or give you safety in any particular issue.

You surrender (islam) to Allah to get true peace.

Connecting to this name is like that of al-Quddus. Be at peace with your heart through contentment and be at peace with your limbs by manifesting only that which is distant from wrong acts. The Muslim is one who others are in safety from their tongue and their hands (hadith). So you have to be a source of salaam for others to encompass this name. Not just that you don’t harm them but they don’t fear harm from you.

A lot of emphasis paid on ensuring people are safe from you – even from your words.

Al-Jaar qabla daar – the neighbour before the house both in this life and the next.


Class Three – Al-Malik, Al-Quddus and AS-Salaam was completed on the 19th of July 2018 at the Islamic Centre Coffee Hall, Milton Keynes by Ustadh Mohamed

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