Convert Circle

Lote Tree Traditional Learning is happy to announce the establishment of the Convert Circle.
The Convert Circle will be a fortnightly gathering aimed at men, women and children and will be led by Daniel Rashid Tilton, a Milton Keynes resident who converted in 2007.
The Aims of the Convert Circle are:
1. To provide convert care through knowledge & experience, as well as tradition and context.
2. To bring together a broad and diverse spectrum of convert experiences to create a support network.
3. To explore the religious, historical, and cultural perspectives on the phenomenon of conversion to Islam in Britain.
Over time we hope to cover the following modules:
1. Seerah – the Prophetic biography
2. The path of Islam
3. Convert care as a communal obligation
4. Case studies of historical conversions to Islam (Abdullah Quilliam, Lady Evelyn Cobbold, etc)
5. Spiritual wayfaring and the importance of self-care.
6. Learning sacred knowledge with a balanced approach.
The circle will be informal, interactive and informative.
If you have any questions, please contact Daniel on 07596918138 or email
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