Goodbye, for now!

As we bid farewell to the hujjaj who are embarking on the once in a lifetime trip of hajj, it should be an opportunity to ponder about where they are going.

Firstly, we should recognise that the hujjaj are extremely fortunate. They have, to coin the phrase from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, won the golden ticket. They have received an invitation from the Lord of the Worlds, to come to His House. Spend a moment and think about that sentence. They have received an invitation from the Lord of the Worlds, to come to His House. Know that not everyone will be able to perform hajj, not everyone will receive their Lord’s invitation.

Don’t think that you will never be able to afford the golden ticket and thus never be able to go for hajj. Don’t be neglectful that the One who invites, is the One who provides the means. Ask Him, ready yourself to be amongst those who are gifted this honour.

Hajj is a soul-changing experience, or at least it should be. Anyone can be invited, from the wealthiest to the poorest, the one you love or the one you hate, the saint or the sinner. So, go there with the loftiest intentions, go there humbly, broken, desirous and ardent. You are at your Lord’s House, you are in proximity, you are being enveloped by the Divine Presence.

Breathe, eat and drink from the Divine Graces which are pouring down around you, for in that place the one who harms you elevates you, the one who upsets your raises you, the one who disparages you makes your position loftier. There is no harm which can come to you when you are in His Domain, for He is your Protector and Guarantor. If you lose your luggage, He will replace it, if you are robbed, he will pay it back, if you get sick, know he will cure you and if you die – know that He has chosen for you to be raised with the best of people.

So, go in peace and be the perfect guest – for you are with the Perfect Host!

May this inspire those who are leaving for hajj and for those of us left behind.

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