The Night of Eid

The night of eid. Photo by Siti Rahmanah Mat Daud on Unsplash

Don’t be of those who stop before the end!

Tonight is the 1st Shawwal, the Night of Eid and the Night of Eid is an important night on which to worship! He (SAW) would pray through the night of Eid and encouraged his ummah to do so too. He is narrated to have said,

“Whoever stands in the nights of Eid for the pleasure of Allah, his heart will not die on the day all hearts will die” –  Ibn Majah

“Paradise is compulsory for the one who keeps 5 nights alive, taraweeh, arafah, 2 Eids and baraa’” – Kitab ut-targheeb

“Whoever keeps alive the night of fitr and the night of adha his heart will not die on the day all hearts will die” – Mu’jam al Kabeer

Saeed ibn Owais narrated that the Prophet (SAW) said,

“When the day of Eid ul Fitr arrives the angels line the many paths and proclaim, “Oh Muslims come towards your Lord, He will favour you with goodness and great reward, you were ordered to stand at night and you fulfilled that and you were ordered to fast in the day and you fasted and obeyed your Lord so take your certificates” – Saeed ibn Owais from his father in the collection of At-Tabari .

Abdullah Ibn Abbas narrates that the prophet Muhammed (saw) said: ‘On the day of Eid ul Fitr the angels descend and line the streets and make a call which every creature except human and jinn hear:

‘O Ummah of Muhammad, come out to your Generous Lord, He will reward you greatly and forgive your grave sins.’

And when the people are gathered in the place of prayer Allah SWT says to the angels

‘What is the reward for the worker who finishes his work?’

They plead

‘O our Lord and Master, He should receive full and complete reward.’

Allah declares ‘I make you a witness, I have rewarded them for their fasts and prayers which were for Me and My forgiveness. Go I have forgiven you!’ Your sins have been turned into good deeds.

Anas narrates that the Prophet (saw) said:
On the night of Qadr, Jibreel descends to the Earth with the angels and supplicates for mercy for those busy and consumed in the Dhikr of Allah, whether they be standing or seated. When the day of Eid ul Fitr arrives Allah takes pride with the angels over these people of Dhikr saying:

‘O My angels, My servants have fulfilled My obligation and have come out today for duah, I swear by My Honour, My Majesty, My Kindness, My Eminence and My Elevated Status I accept your duahs so go, I have forgiven you and turned your sins into good deeds. So return to your homes pure from sin’.

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