Lote Tree and Covid 19

Lote Tree and Covid 19 - New beginning

As-salaamu alaikum.

I would like to start by extending my belated Eid greetings to you all.  This newsletter has been intentionally delayed because I am aware that inboxes will be bursting at the seams with countless newsletters being sent around Eid time.  Muharram is a lovely time for us to be in contact.

Covid 19 has had an impact upon all of us and as a small, but growing, community organisation run solely by a handful of volunteers we have been extremely busy behind the scenes in trying to deliver content online until we have the opportunity to meet together.

With that in mind, I am so pleased to announce we have moved forward with our pre-Covid plans to move to a larger premises to operate out of.  This allows us to create a safe madressah space for Lote Tree Academy, which is the umbrella for our three madressahs, as well as continue to offer continuing adult education by way of monthly classes with scholars and our exciting adult foundation programme in Islamic studies – The Roots Program.

We have, sadly, had to hold back on our plan to expand our madressah as a direct result of Covid and for those parents who were on the waiting list for places in the expanded madressah we can only offer our sympathy that your children cannot join us just yet.

We are all well aware of washing, sanitising, distance measuring and sensible interacting and all of these play a part in our Covid-19 risk assessment and policy guidance.

Whilst the world feels like it is at a crossroad, our work i.e. da’wah, doesn’t stop, if anything it increases.  Lote Tree’s main purpose is to bring traditional Islamic knowledge to Milton Keynes and our beneficiaries are you and your children.

Roots Program

One of the most important things that you can do is to sign up to our 12 month Roots Program where you will be taught by 4 local MK based teachers in core subjects which you need as a Muslim from theology, jurisprudence, Prophetic biography, Islamic decorum and exegesis of the main surahs and basic hadith science.  With this knowledge you will be able to help lead yourself and the next generation with a strong foundation in your religion.  For details please click here…

For parents,

the first week of madressah will be teacher training where we will have local instructors deliver courses to our volunteer teachers on classroom management and discipline, safeguarding, health and safety.  We are also ensuring that all our teachers are up to date with their first aid training.  Our short to medium term aim is to have the only madressah in MK which is OFSTED accredited.

For our adults,

who can’t commit to the foundational Roots Program we will be continuing our monthly classes on the Book of Assistance (various teachers) and the Principles of Da’wah with Shaykh Hassan (London).  We are also starting a new monthly course with Shaykh Ahmed Saad (Birmingham) on the Principles of Tafsir.

So to summarise: Eid Mubarak, we are moving to a new premises, we are working hard to be Covid safe, we are restarting madressah with training, we are continuing are existing and introducing new adults monthly classes, we are starting a unique one year foundation program for adults in English covering the core Islamic sciences.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Mohamed Suleman

Chairman of Lote Tree Trustees

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