Musa (AS) wanted to be you!

In our readings of The Lives of Man we come across the narration of Wahb ibn Munabbih, may Allah show him His Mercy, about the Muhammad nation.  From it we can extrapolate certain characteristics which we have been given as a nation which tempted Musa (AS) to say,

“O Lord! You have spread out all this good for Ahmad and his nation; let me be a member of his nation!”

What are those characteristics?  Read and reflect on each one and realise the blessings we have been given to be from the Muhammadan nation.

  1. We are content with whatever little provision Allah has given us, and He is content with whatever little good works we do.
  2. He makes each one of us enter the Garden by our testimony laa ilaaha ilAllah.
  3. We will be resurrected on the Day of Rising, where our foreheads and limbs shall be blazing white from the effect of our wudu/ablutions and our prostrations.
  4. Our clothes are on our backs (we don’t have love of the world).
  5. Our swords are on our shoulders (always ready to strive for Allah).
  6. We are people of certitude and dependence [tawakkal].
  7. We glorify Allah from minaret-tops.
  8. We continue to seek to fight for every righteous cause, until we do battle against the Dajjal.
  9. The [whole] earth is a place of worship and ritually pure for us
  10. Booty (possession left after a battle) is lawful for us.
  11. We fast the month of Ramadan for Allah and He then forgives all that we have done before.
  12. We go on pilgrimage to the Inviolable House for His sake, our longing for it is never exhausted, our weeping is loud and tumultuous, our talbiya is clamorous.
  13. We are a nation of people who ask forgiveness for our sins.
  14. When we raise our food to our mouths it does not reach our stomachs before we are forgiven.
  15. We start [eating] with Allah’s name and end with His praise.
  16. Our members will be the foremost on the Day of Rising, but are the last to be created.
  17. Our gospels are held within our breasts and we recite them.
  18. We are a nation of people among whom when one of us intends a good deed but does not perform it, it is written as one good deed for us, while if we do perform it, it is written as ten to seven hundred times its worth.
  19. We are a nation when one of us intends a sin but does not commit it, it is not written against us, while if we do commit it, it is written as a single sin.
  20. We are the best of people, who exhort to good and forbid evil.
  21. We are a nation of people who will be resurrected and brought on the Day of Rising as three groups. One group shall enter the Garden without reckoning, another’s reckoning will be easy and another will be rigorously judged, then made to enter the Garden.
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