Half-time is over

How has your Ramadan been so far?  Have you been meeting your goals and targets?  Maybe you came out strong and full of zeal but after 10-12 days the lack of regular sleep patterns, the long fasting days, the nights spent in worship have taken their toll.

Their is no doubt that it is hard to go at full throttle for the whole month.

We have now just passed the half-way mark and you can see this as the “manager’s half-time talk”.

Yes the weather is warm, yes you can hear Mr Whippy’s van cruising the streets, yes the Easter eggs with their zero cocoa content look more appetizing than every, but you have a goal!  You have little over 13/14 days left of Ramadan for this year.

What is amazing is that Allah, our Creator, knows well our abilities and capabilities.  He knows that we would start to get worn down and even begin to neglect our duties.  This is why on the 17th of Ramadan he gives us the reminder of Badr, to help motivate us to stay strong. Then, later in the second half He gave us the last ten nights.  It’s a way of not just doubling our points but multiplying them almost 30,000 times!

So, get your head back in the game, revisit your intentions and goals, grit your teeth, dig deep and push hard for the remaining time.

Also, don’t forget to give charity.  We are looking to raise a modest £2,000 to cover an unexpected increase in operational costs due to the price hike of our rented premises.  You can donate to Lote Tree Traditional Learning 40.33.33 92516438 (a business account) and reap the rewards of supporting your local grass roots Muslim community.

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