Not for a billion pounds!

Everything has a price, well almost everything. Aside from your faith, is there anything else which is priceless?

If someone was to ask me, what is the one thing you would not put a price on, it has to be learning Arabic.

I was very fortunate that some years ago I was blessed and fortunate to travel to Syria and study Arabic. I am still very much a student of the Arabic language, but it is the one thing I wouldn’t trade.

Being able to understand, to a degree, what is being recited in prayer, the beautiful words of the Prophet (SAW), books of fiqh etc really is the best feeling in the world. I am not at all trying to boast in this, I mean it with all sincerity. The exciting feeling you get from understanding what is being recited in prayer is unsurpassed – until you study tafseer and then…words escape me! In this short clip, however, Shaykh Hamza summarises it nicely.

Here at Lote Tree, we want to ensure that you are also able to have that same feeling. Learning Arabic takes time and dedication, but with the assistance of Shaykh Yusuf Diriye, we are so excited to be starting a three month introductory course on the Arabic language.

Let me get one thing very clear! After this introductory course you will not be standing in front of a thousand people delivering a khutbah in Arabic. But you will be on your way to learning the language. This course is the beginning of your journey to mastering the Arabic language and once you have completed this course we are looking to offer further courses from September.

To give you an idea as to what is involved, click here to see what is going to be covered in this course.

To learn the Arabic language is every Muslims dream. The reality of this dream is one click away!

A course requirement is that you can read Arabic with the “tashkeel”/vowels with confidence. If you can read the Quran then this should not be a problem. We are looking at running a course for converts/new Muslims to teach how to read Arabic. This will put them in a position to then start learning the Arabic language. Get in touch with us if you may be interested.

Classes run from 7.30pm-8.30pm and term time will be Wednesday 26th April-Wednesday 24th May. There will be a break for one week and classes will resume from Wednesday 7th June – Wednesday 19th July.

We only have 20 places and they are going fast so don’t delay and start your journey in understanding the Words of Allah.

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