Lote Tree – Madressah

Alhamdulillah, one of the medium to long term goals of Lote Tree Traditional Learning was to establish a madressah (supplementary school). We are pleased to announce the establishment of Lote Tree Madressah on the 6th March 2019. Due to popularity places at the madressah were all taken within 72 hours of advertising. There is currently an extensive waiting list.

Kids madressah

The kids madressah will be on Monday to Wednesday 5.30pm to 7pm, at Lote Tree Hub. With the future possibility of extra-curricular, booster and support classes held at weekends also.

Class sizes will be kept small and we aim to initially have a maximum of 15 students with a teacher to student ratio of 1:5 ensuring that your child has a large amount of contact time and fewer distractions.  One of the factors we noticed in many of the supplementary schools in Milton Keynes are that class sizes are large which means that children tend to occupy themselves with chatting and have minimum teacher contact.  For us that is a waste of your money but more importantly a waste of your child’s time and ability.

One of the things we noticed was that the children who subscribed were all aged between 5 and 9 years old.  As such we were unable to take on older children. We have since worked to try to establish a madressah for youth aged 10-16 for both boys and girls.

Teaching the next generation is one of the most important duties which we have and ensuring that the environment, teachers and knowledge are of the highest standard and quality is paramount. We have looked at what is on offer locally and hope that we can offer a madressah experience built upon the quality of ihsan (excellence) to ensure your child builds a strong faith built upon love of their Creator.

The youth madressah

The youth madressah will be on Thursdays 5.30pm-7:30pm at Lote Tree Hub. The madrassah has space for 10 girls and we will be teaching the I-Syllabus.  The madrassah will be taught by Ustadh Rob and Ustadh Mohammed who have experience of studying the Islamic sciences from qualified teachers having been born in the UK can ensure that she enthuses the girls with a love of Islam whilst navigating the various challenges faced by young people in 21st Century Britain. Having been born or raised in the UK they can ensure that they enthuse the youth with the love of Islam whilst navigating the various challenges which face young men in 21st Century Britain. The challenges that our youth face is unique and multi-faceted.  It isn’t enough for them to be able to read the Quran and know a few duah.  The challenges posed require them to know their faith, love their religion, and be proud Muslims living in Britain.

The subject areas that are taught are:

  • Quranic Recitation and its associated science of Tajweed/Optimal Recitation.
  • Quranic Memorisation and its associated science of Tajweed/Optimal Recitation.
  • Hadith.  Prophetic Traditions.
  • Fiqh. Jurisprudence & Shariah/Divine Law.
  • Aqeedah. Articles of Creed & Beliefs.
  • Adab.  Etiquettes, Mannerisms, & Morality.
  • Tafseer & Interpretation of the Quran
  • Public Speaking
  • Traditional Islamic songs and poems

Our teachers

The subject areas are taught by a team of professionally qualified DBS cleared teachers who have a history of teaching children in either a madressah/one on one environment and/or in primary school or enthusiasm to deliver the best care and education to your child.


Our methodology is built on love, respect and nurture.  Our goal is to instil love or Allah and the Prophet (SAW) in the children and to do so by teaching them to respect the religion and hold it in high esteem.  We intend to do this by nurturing them on the way of the Sunnah.


We understand that quality costs, but we have tried to keep fees as low as possible and operate on a strictly not for profit basis.  Our biggest expense is room hire and our aim is to cover this and any expenses.  The fees for children are £30 per child per month with a £5 reduction for each child enrolled.  New registrations are accepted at the beginning of each month and fees are paid at the beginning of each month.

Protection & Policies

As well as teachers being DBS checked, we ensure a child protection policy is also in place ensuring the physical and mental well-being and welfare of every child with a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on bullying.  Teachers are educated in relation to safeguarding and we have a robust safeguarding policy in place. A behaviour management policy, (BMP), is also in place, where there is recognition and reward for good behaviour and the discouragement of the contrary with remedial options fully in line with the above mentioned policies, which often acts as deterrents.

Health and Safety –

Safeguarding –

Covid risk assessment –

Code of behaviour for pupils –

To enroll your child please email info@lote-tree.org at first instant or send a message to Mohamed on 07772254406