The Aim

The Aim:

The aim of Lote Tree is to expound and promulgate the teachings of Islam in Milton Keynes solely based within the rich didactic history of traditional sunni Islam.  This means that all teaching and knowledge will be firmly rooted within the traditional framework of the three theological schools, the four jurisprudential schools and the various spiritual paths which make up true sunni Islam.  The intention is for Lote Tree to be a vehicle by which traditional sunni Islamic knowledge is propagated whilst recognising that this be done in a format which is suited to Muslims living in Britain and takes into account the customs and ways of the British isles.  The aim of Lote Tree is to provide:

  • In the short to medium term – classes, seminars, retreats rooted in the traditional framework of Sunni Islam.
  • In the long term – a seminary for students to imbibe traditional knowledge after they have finished their core secular studies and before they move on to the work-place or higher forms of education

Lote Tree will not be located or affiliated to any particular organisation, masjid or centre.  A specific aim of Lote Tree is to preserve its independence to any Islamic body / organisation.  Lote Tree will source suitable venues, be it in mosques/Islamic centres, as and where needed in order to deliver learning directly to communities which need them.

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